“My name is Tucker Max, and I am an asshole.  I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregard social norms, indulge every whim, ignore the consequences of my actions, mock idiots and posers, sleep with more woman than is safe or reasonable, and just generally act like a raging dickhead.  But I do contribute to humanity in one very important way: I share my adventures with the world.”

Yes, this book was recommended to me by a 70 year old man.  Yes, it’s hilarious.  Yes, you should read it.

I’m sending it to my brother Joey in Chicago, but if you want to borrow it when he’s done let me know.


Went out to First Down in Ballston last night.  Friends, beer, and food were plentiful, which was great.  However, WVU fans with pumpkin heads…are not great. Gourd boy posted up right in front of the one screen showing the Capitals game, right when it went to a sudden death shootout.  I officially blame him for our loss, and I hope he dies in a fire.

Also, I blame the NCAA tournament for existing, thus taking up precious tv screens sans fat head.  The beer was good though.

In other news, I’m heading to Baltimore with a handle of Smirnoff tomorrow, good things are bound to happen.

Since I must have accidentally left my snowshoes in Siberia it seems I’m snowed in for at least a couple days.  Despite that, I made a valiant attempt to make it to the Clarendon metro station, so I could meet up with friends in D.C. for the huge Dupont snowball fight.  However, after trudging through the snow for about a half hour and only getting a quarter of the way there, I decided it wasn’t worth the frostbite and turned around.  So, now that I can feel my fingers and toes again, and boredom has set in, I decided to update everyone on my life with this blog.  I’ll be adding to this in the future as new awesomeness occurs.

WTF! ^

So, I’ve been working at the same job in Fairfax, Virginia since 2007 and it’s been great.  However, as much as I relish being called a “21 year old mother fucker” and having drunk crackhead women lick their lips at me while I’m conducting a hearing, I think it’s time to move on to something a bit more challenging.  I have applied to law school at George Mason Univ., College of William and Mary, George Washington Univ., and Georgetown Univ.  I’ve already been accepted at George Mason Univ. and I’m still waiting to hear back from the rest of the schools.  I assume I’ll know more in March so I’ll post again once I know something a bit more concrete.

That said, I truly miss studying philosophy, which was my major in undergrad.  I love the flexibility and free thought which are such necessary catalysts for real exploration.  Back in the real world, however, I know firsthand how tough it is with a philosophy degree.  It’s a difficult choice to pursue law vs. philosophy because I know I care tremendously about question like “what moral rights may a being derive solely from its sentience?” Or, “may an atheist gain immortality?”  When I put those issues in context with question like “what case-law set the precedent for tenant rights,” that later seems to pale in comparison.  The salaries of a philosopher and an attorney are very different though, and I’m sure you can imagine who makes considerably more.  Ah, decisions, decisions.  Maybe a dual degree J.D./M.A. in philosophy would be a good compromise?

In other news, I finally decided last week to take the step from vegetarian to vegan.  The impetus was the book Animal Liberation by the philosopher Pete Singer.  Maybe in another post I’ll reconstruct his arguments if anyone’s interested.

It’s definitely a big change and I’ll miss pizza like crazy.  However, I think it’s the right choice for me.  Given that I have 80 or so years to live, it seems right to alleviate as much suffering as possible, and refuse to contribute to the demand for more suffering, while in turn creating as much happiness as I can.  I think if I can accomplish this, I’ll go out a happy man.

Finally, plans are still underway for the summer before school starts.  Right now I’m thinking about applying as a volunteer to Camp Quality which is a one-week summer camp for children with cancer that my friend Caroline told me about.  That would be followed up by a three-week trip to South America for a wildlife conservation project.  It’s really resting on finding a project I like that fits into the right time frame, so the search continues.  I’ll post more once I figure out where I’ll be headed.

P.S. If you have a neighbor who is elderly or handicapped please spread the love and dig them out. ^